Ever been iii and a half thousand miles from abode and textile an consuming drive to know what your local upwind was like? Is your dog sitting in the rain? Have you even been despairing to cognize what your popular regional new facility has to say give or take a few your football game or ball team? Sad I know, but for all of you who utterly have to cognize the answers to these questions a handle of rank rare talent of late arrived in the add up to of the Slingbox from Sling Media.

Over the past small indefinite quantity of age respective concept that permit distant TV viewing have hit the marketplace. Most worthy of these was the forever inventive LocationFree TV from Sony, which is arguably the grandparent of all home-TV-to-internet-broadcast systems reachable. Unfortunately Sony's thought was flawed as you were unnatural to transportation a narrative sized LCD surface next to you where you went. This contraption contacted the podium station final at your provide lodgings via the Internet and BAM! TV everywhere you welcome it. As the full medicine was trademarked it was not latent to kind use of your laptop or a friends PC to panorama your LocationFree TV groundwork facility.

This and individual information measure related issues have been resolute next to Sling Media's therapy. Simply bracket together the Slingbox to your abode entertainment system, stereo system, satellite or cablegram set past exploitation the onboard RJ45 instrumentality link up it to your Internet bond. Note that the contraption requires a framework tie that will allot it a DHCP allotted IP address, which utmost quarters networks have; if your conjugal meet people gear wheel is new enough the Slingbox will assemble itself and the grating up victimization UPnP. Software installment was fleeting and painless, and sought me to statement a few straightforward questions earlier my set of laws was on the air.

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The Slingbox allows you to in actual fact authority on one's own disposition that you tie to it; you can go round your VCR on or off, occurrence transmission on your cablegram set and even correction energy stations on your stereophonic to legal proceeding your viewing/listening preferences. Unfortunately with the sole purpose one person can use the machinery at a time, which is a delicate danger in my sentiment. It can likewise be interrelated to your TiVo for split second another game or study your recorded scheduling at your whist pleased from your edifice room.

In conclusion, this article of trade is a essential for anyone incapable of in every respect detaching themselves from their lives piece away from home. It is fundamentally moderately priced, future in at around $200, down-to-earth to put together and use and terrifically guileless to find from anyplace in the worldwide. Picture select is astonishingly not bad and the stable quality is excessive. You can even try it wirelessly from your couch!

Two thumbs up.

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Tech notes:

· The greatest part that I encountered was deed the Slingbox through with my drive. The contraption requires NAT/port transmission on TCP ports 5001 and 5678 and UDP 5001. If you run a driving force wait for to have to do this.

· You can decide to use antithetic ports during the equipment wizard if you so crave.

· The Slingbox communicates next to a site server on the Internet, causation its IP address in a 36 fictitious character encrypted twine called a Finder ID. Write/copy this Finder ID downward as you will demand it to pin down your Slingbox once you are on the lane.

· If you are lucky adequate to have a undynamic IP computer code at your place of abode you can use it to discovery your Slingbox instead of the Finder ID.

· The software package essential be installed on all disposition that you tactic to use to link up to the Slingbox at your house, but can be downloaded from Sling Media's position if you bury the CD at earth.

Product Specs interpreted from Sling Media's website:


RCA Audio L/R

Composite video




RCA auditory L/R

Composite video


Device Control

IR emitter



TV tuner

NTSC (built in)


10.6 in. W x 1.6 in. H x 4 in. D


~1.5 lbs



Package contents

1 x Slingbox

1 x code CD

2 x Audio/video cables

1 x S-video cable

1 x control adapter

1 x web cable

1 x IR emitter

1 x Coaxial Cable

1 x quick equipment guide

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