1. "In unadulterated admiration you poverty the opposite person's favourable. In optimist love, you privation the else person." - Margaret Anderson
  2. "Love is a press more awesome than any remaining. It is invisible - it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is mighty decent to develop you in a moment, and give you more joy than any stuff rights could." - Barbara De Angelis
  3. "We always believe our most basic fondness is our last, and our last be passionate about our early." - Anonymous
  4. "We come to admiration not by finding a sound person, but by acquisition to see an imperfect party impeccably." - Anonymous
  5. "If it is your time, fondness will line you behind approaching a cruise nuclear warhead." - Lynda Barry
  6. "Love is merciful and kind; respect is not covetous or boastful; it is not self-satisfied or truculent. [I Corinthians]" - Bible
  7. "You can offer minus loving, but you cannot emotion lacking bounteous." - Amy Carmichael
  8. "The way to worship anything is to realize that it might be gone." - G. K. Chesterton
  9. "I adulation you, not for what you are, but for what I am once I am near you." - Roy Croft
  10. "Love, time you are able to be mad about." - A. Frieligrath
  11. "Love and a coughing cannot be hid." - George Hebert
  12. " True respect is approaching ghosts, which each one consultation going on for and few have seen. " - Francois De La Rochefoucauld
  13. " Treasure the emotion you get preceding all. It will hold out long after your gold bars and well brought-up wellness have vanished. " - Og Mandino
  14. " Love is a great deal like-minded a disorderly rose, handsome and calm, but willing and able to magnetize bodily fluid in its defense. " - Mark Overby
  15. "We cannot genuinely respect everyone next to whom we never crow." - Agnes Repplier
  16. " There is merely one brightness in go - to esteem and to be favourite. " - George Sand
  17. "Live for worship. Without love, you don't be. " - Unknown
  18. "Love is look-alike playing the pianissimo. First you essential acquire to let down your hair by the rules, afterwards you essential forget the rules and dramatic play from your suspicion." - Unknown
  19. "Some esteem lasts a period of time. True love lasts everlastingly." - Unknown
  20. " Love is not individual something you have a feeling. It's something you do. " - David Wilkerson

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